IDWP strives to prevent diseases in rural areas in Liberia and eventually Sierra Leone and Guinea by providing clean and safe drinking
water to dwellers who lack pipe-borne water which is treated in a water and sewer plant.

After 14 years of civil war which has demolished almost all of the water plants and facilities in Liberia, many city and rural dwellers
currently obtain their drinking water from wells, creeks, and rivers that lack proper treatments.

The following pictures and diagram depict how people in Liberia obtain their drinking and cooking water, and what IDWP intends to do.
Figure 1 depicts wells without proper protection from which water is currently being fetched by villages in Liberia, while
Figure 2 demonstrates what IDWP is doing to provide clean & safe drinking water to rural areas in Liberia.
Development Project Vs. Current conditions of wells
Figure 1: Figure 1 Depicts wells from which people in many rural areas in Liberia fetch water for drinking and cooking. The wall of one
of these wells is protected by old car tires, while the other one is not protected and could cave in due to heavy rain.
Figure 2: Figure 2 depicts the development project that IDWP seeks to undertake in rural areas in
Liberia and eventually in other African countries.
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