About Us
The idea behind IDWP was initiated by Otis H. Gardiner, a Liberian immigrant with residence in
Minnesota, in 2007 while working on his Master of Science capstone project [Thesis] in
Project Management at St. Mary's University of Minnesota.

Gardiner chose a water development project for his capstone because he saw the need for
clean and safe drinking water in Liberia, his native country, with collapsed infrastructure
after 14 years of civil war.  He strongly believes and is convinced that this project can be
beneficial to Liberia and other African countries because a similar project has been highly
successful in South Africa.

Based on his capstone, he founded International Development Water Project (IDWP) - an
organization that strives to bring relief, hope, and quench the thirst for clean and safe drinking
water of rural dwellers in Liberia by drilling safe wells, building reservoirs and installing pumps in
close proximity to their towns or villages, thereby making water easily accessible.
Quenching Thirst With Clean & Safe Drinking Water
The mission of International Development Water Project (IDWP) is focused on bringing relief, hope, and quenching the thirst for clean and safe
drinking water of people in rural communities around the world by drilling safe wells, building reservoirs and installing pumps, thereby making
water easily accessible.  IDWP seeks to serve with compassion and restore hope and confidence in people, but with respect for their human
dignity.  IDWP also seeks to provide services to people without consideration of national origin, color and religion.
Mission Statement
Brief History About IDWP
Our philosophy is based on the fact that clean and safe drinking water helps prevent diseases

IDWP is one of the few, if not the only organization, in Liberia to undertake a water development project of this kind that includes
recreational devices for children to play while energy is utilized to provide clean and safe water to villages, schools etc.

We are mainly supported by individual donors.  That is, by individuals who see the essence and need for clean and safe drinking
water in our global society.  We also seek and encourage partnership with, and sponsorships from other organizations and
businesses which find interest in our cause for providing clean and safe drinking water to rural areas in Liberia and eventual other
African nations.
Our Organization's Philosophy
Otis H. Gardiner, M.Sc., Executive Dir.
IDWP is governed and managed by a Board of Directors, Officers and several volunteer-staffs
IDWP Management
International Development Water Project (IDWP)
C/o 6355 Tahoe Place
Woodbury, MN 55125
Tel: 651-808-3010
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Ms. Augusta Paye currently serves as Senior
Warden of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Having
being aware of the many needs in Liberia, she
agrees that clean and safe drinking water is a
priority. Therefore, she has agreed to serve on
IDWP's Board to ensure that we meet our goals
and objectives.
Augusta Paye, Board Member
Fr. Roger is an American who serves as the
Rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - a
congregation that is comprised of about 85%
Liberians. He has also served as a Missionary
Priest in Uganda and Rwanda for many years.
He is excited to see this water project
Fr. Roger Sonnesyn, Board Member