Quenching Thirst With Clean & Safe Drinking Water
The purpose of our development project is to drill or dig as many wells as
possible, build reservoirs and install pumps in rural areas in Liberia and
eventually other parts of Africa to provide several thousands of residents with
the following deliverables:

  • clean and safe drinking water

  • easy accessibility of water supply to rural areas.

  • install merry-go-round devices which will be used to manually pump water
    from the wells while the rural children play.
Diagram of water development project
These two little children have traveled several miles
just to fetch buckets of clean & safe drinking water
IDWP is a non-profit organization that has been incorporated in the State of
Minnesota, USA since March 2009.

IDWP is also a 501 C (3) organization under the United States Internal Revenue
Service Code. That is, IDWP is tax exempt, and that all cash or in-kind donations
made to IDWP is tax deductible.  Please note that IDWP will send you a
confirmation/receipt of your donation - a document which you can use for tax
deduction purposes.

IDWP strives to bring relief, hope, and quench the thirst for clean and safe
drinking water of rural dwellers in Liberia, and other African nations.

The need for clean and safe drinking water in Africa, especially Liberia is
essential due to the destruction of its infrastructure after more than 14 years of
civil war.

Please click
here for Liberia's map and profile.
The young man has traveled several miles just to fetch a bucket of
water that is not so safe due to the structure of the well
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This is an unsafe well to drink from because contaminants
from ground surface water flow directly into the well
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