Our services at International Development Water Project (IDWP) include
drilling or digging wells and building reservoirs throughout rural Liberia in
order to provide clean and safe drinking water to dwellers.  We also intend to
extend our projects to other African nations including Sierra Leone  and
Guinea after being fully established and operational in Liberia.

Our services are based on the philosophy that clean and safe water can help
prevent diseases.  Therefore, please join us in supporting our cause and
projects in Liberia.    

If you wish to donate toward our cause or efforts, please do so by clicking
here on our
Paypal link.
Due to shortage of electricity in most parts of Liberia, our goal is to
establish a water system in rural areas that would be operated
manually, but effectively and efficiently, at a low cost.  Please see
Development Project page for depictions of our water system.

We hope that you are touched by the plight of our fellow Liberians
who find themselves in a needy situation for the most basic necessity
on earth, yet essential to humankind.

If you wish to inquire more information or help support our cause,
please feel free to contact us via email at, or you may
send us your comments via our
comments form.  
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